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19195Re: Article that mentions Tolkien

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  • Merlin DeTardo
    Dec 4 2:11 PM
      >---WendellWag@... wrote:
      << They make no comment themselves on what they think of it.
      Neither will I. It's "The Once & Future Christendom" by James P.
      Pinkerton from the September 10th issue of _The American
      Conservative_... >>

      Thanks for the link, Wendell.

      I won't refrain from some quibbles.

      Peter Jackson is not mentioned in the article, but in Pinkerton's
      opening paragraph, he is quoting Jackson's movie not Tolkien's book
      (cue Mike Foster's signature line). For example, he gives Gandalf's
      remark about the actions of some power directing Bilbo's acquisition
      of the Ring as:

      "And that is an encouraging thought."

      In the book, Gandalf says:

      "And that may be an encouraging thought."

      The difference was lately noted in a discussion of "The Shadow of the
      Past" at TheOneRing.net.*

      Pinkerton also overstates when he says that "Frodo is a Fallohide."
      In the Prologue to _LotR_, Tolkien writes:

      "In Eriador [the Fallohides] soon mingled with the other kinds that
      had preceded them, but being somewhat bolder and more adventurous,
      they were often found as leaders or chieftains among clans of
      Harfoots or Stoors. Even in Bilbo’s time the strong Fallohidish
      strain could still be noted among the greater families, such as the
      Tooks and the Masters of Buckland."

      I also think Pinkerton is wrong that Tolkien "modeled Frodo,
      admiringly, after the Tommiesâ€"the grunt infantrymen" (that sounds
      more like Sam), that "the greatest desire for power, Ring-lust, is
      felt by men, not the lesser beings" (which ignores the tale's
      climax), and that the "Council of Elrond will fight Sauron’s army
      through 'conventional' means".

      -Merlin DeTardo

      * http://newboards.theonering.net/forum/gforum/perl/gforum.cgi?
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