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  • Adam Smith
    Nov 10, 2007
      Thanks for the welcome John...and it is a great pleasure to meet

      I'm about halfway through the second volume of The History of the
      Hobbit and have found it absolutely fascinating. I must say that
      you did a fantastic job not just with the research and scholarship,
      but with the organization of the piece, which reads smoothly. The
      editorial commentary does not interfere with the narrative, and I
      think that gives the volumes a flow that is missing from 'The
      History of LotR'.

      I actually live about midway between Peoria and Rockford...out in no-
      man's land, so to speak. Strangely enough, my sister-in-law also
      lives in Harvard. Small world.

      I learned at the last moment (from Mike Foster) about your speaking
      engagement at Marquette, and wish I had known earlier. I hope to
      meet with Mike's Peoria Mythsoc discussion group later this month
      for the first time, so that should be fascinating.

      Adam S.

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, John D Rateliff <sacnoth@...> wrote:
      > Welcome to the list, Adam.
      > And thanks for the link to your website. Only had a chance to
      > glance at it so far, but looks quite interesting.
      > Where in Northern Illinois? I was just in Harvard and
      > last month visiting in-laws. Unfortunately, since the Chicago-
      > Tolkien/Inklings discussion group ('Place of the Lion') broke up
      > years ago, I think the closest groups of like-minded people these
      > days must be Madison (the Univ. of Wisc. Tolk. Soc.) and
      > (the Burrahobbits), either of which is well worth a visit if you
      yourself in those parts.
      > --John R.
      > On Nov 8, 2007, at 10:37 AM, Adam Smith wrote:
      > > Hello all,
      > >
      > > I already made my first post a couple of days ago, but since I'm
      > > to the board (and to the Mythopoeic Society) I thought I would
      > > introduce myself.
      > >
      > > My name is Adam Smith, I'm 30, and live in Northern Illinois.
      > > been a fan of fantasy, and particularly JRR Tolkien, for as long
      > > I can remember. I first read 'The Hobbit' some time in my late
      > > elementary school years and have been hooked ever since.
      > >
      > > Earlier this year I returned to Tolkien's books after a few
      years of
      > > burnout. The movies had put what had seemed like a very private
      > > (and exclusive) love of Tolkien into the mainstream. Not that
      > > Tolkien hadn't been extremely popular and influencial before
      > > but Middle-earth was suddenly on every street corner and on the
      > > of people who had never in their life picked up a book.
      > >
      > > The movies did have a positive effect, however, in helping to
      > > forth the current resurgence of scholarship on all things
      > > and so I soon found myself once again knee-deep in Tolkien
      > > and fascinated anew by the fantasy genre.
      > >
      > > I started a website earlier this year, www.tolkien-online.com,
      as an
      > > outlet for my own personal essays & opinions, and as a source of
      > > information for others. It is a collection of various reviews,
      > > studies, and overviews.
      > >
      > > I also joined the Mythopoeic Society back in April, hoping to
      > > from others and contribute to fantasy studies.
      > >
      > > I recently stumbled across a link to this group and promptly
      > > joined. I already recognize many of the names here as prominent
      > > writers, Tolkien scholars, and active members of the Mythopoeic
      > > Society.
      > >
      > > It is wonderful to meet you all. I hope that I can also make a
      > > positive contribution to the various discussions here in the
      > >
      > > ------
      > > Adam Smith
      > > tolkien-online.com
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