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  • Diane Joy Baker
    Oct 31, 2007
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      Read as a teen, late teens. I read HOBBIT and LOTR before NARNIA.
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      From: Linda DeMars
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      Subject: Re: [mythsoc] Age for Hobbit

      I actually was 29 or 30 when I read it. I had seen it asm recommended
      reading for many years and cannot imagine why I did not read it at the time
      since I had been a fan of George MacDonald for many years. The little girls
      next door had been gifted with THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN and THE PRINCESS
      AND CURDIE ( and all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, too) by their aunt,
      an old maid school - but I was the one who received the joy.

      I bought THE HOBBIT for reading matter when my eldest was in hospital to
      have her tonsils removed. I read it in a day. Several weeks later I was
      going to Fort Worth, Texas, and brought THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING and THE
      TWO TOWERS to read on my trip.

      Guess what - I finished the first one the night before we left- I started
      the second and finished it on the plane- I did read it so fast that I
      thought Frodo was really dead. Then, for several weeks, I looked all over
      Fort Worth, Dallas and all the way down to San Antonio. (1968)

      I came home and found the book ( ROTK) in the airport and stayed up all
      night reading it. Finished it the next day---and have read it many many

      I had seen reviews of the Narnia books and also seen them in the library. I
      wasn't really impressed with the infro on the book jackets.but there was a
      proghram on television where a man told children about books ( sort of a
      teaser) and drew a picture of the acion while he was reading. We got the
      first Narnia when my second daughter had chicken pox (eldest age 8, and
      second age 4, first son age one). We head them all- then we reread them for
      the first son and later for the last son. The middle son has listened to
      them on tape with much joy.

      Last year I gave some of he Narnia books to my eldest granddaughter, and
      this yeear she received THE HOBBIT on CD for her ninth birthday.

      Linda D.

      I was fortunate enought to take my eldest grandson to the Narnia movie, and
      we gave the girl mentioned above the Narnia movie for her 8th birthday.

      On 10/29/07, Croft, Janet B. <jbcroft@...> wrote:
      > I was seven, and I read it before I read Narnia.
      > Janet
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      > Subject: [mythsoc] Age for Hobbit
      > How old were you when you first read _The Hobbit_, if you read it as
      > a child? I have a seven-year-old who's read most of the Chronicles of
      > Narnia and I'm starting to think about when I want to hand my copy of
      > The Hobbit over to her.
      > Julie
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