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19040Re: Smith of Wootton Major as beloved book of childhood

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  • Jason Fisher
    Oct 22, 2007
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      > --- David Bratman wrote ---
      > I'm looking forward to seeing the article. Do you venture
      > ideas of exactly what it is in MacDonald that earned
      > Tolkien's distaste?

      I suppose it depends on just what you mean by "exactly", hahae. But yes, I take a stab at it. As much as an eight-page comparison permitted — and as much as the evidence available to me supported. It's a jumping-off point for further, more involved research I would like to complete on the subject. Maybe it will spark some wider interest in comparative studies of the two as well. I hope so.

      And I will certainly welcome any thoughts — complimentary or critical — when you get a chance to read it, David.

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