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19031[mythsoc] Re: History of the Hobbit box set errata

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  • Jack
    Oct 20, 2007
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      >As we know from Doug Anderson's Annotated Hobbit this line has been
      >changed numerous times over the years to reflect the edition--it has
      >been glossed over for this one,--the map in no in the chapter but on
      >the inside covers, which are beautifully rendered but not in the
      >chapter as stated.

      Correct. In the UK edition I have, there iis no map as well.

      >2) In the Barrels out of Bond Chapter on facing page 172 is the "Bilbo
      >comes to the Huts of the Raft elves" color illustration plate--my copy
      >has two of the same page--now this may be a glitch in binding and may
      >be unique to my copy but I am curious if others have seen this.

      Not so in the UK edition.
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