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19030Re: History of the Hobbit box set errata

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  • Anthony and Jessica
    Oct 20, 2007
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      Anyone else, perhaps John, seen this box set? Actually just the
      edition that comes with the two history volumes? I have it here and am
      rereading The Hobbit, as the art and contents of John's volumes have
      inspired me to do so and will review it a bit with the vols, but two
      glaring errors have appeared--not entirely that bad but noticeable to
      those paying attention:

      1) It states that the text of this edition is based on the 1995 Harper
      Collins publication. On page 20 Thorin pulls out the map to show
      everyone, and the usual paranthetical(sp?) reference
      (Look at the map in this chapter, and you will see there the runes in
      As we know from Doug Anderson's Annotated Hobbit this line has been
      changed numerous times over the years to reflect the edition--it has
      been glossed over for this one,--the map in no in the chapter but on
      the inside covers, which are beautifully rendered but not in the
      chapter as stated.

      2) In the Barrels out of Bond Chapter on facing page 172 is the "Bilbo
      comes to the Huts of the Raft elves" color illustration plate--my copy
      has two of the same page--now this may be a glitch in binding and may
      be unique to my copy but I am curious if others have seen this.

      So that's all I got right now but am curious to thoughts...


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      > It's on Amazon, too (and at the top of my Christmas wish list)!
      > r_1_1/102-4588528-6192148?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1192539022&sr=1-1
      > Cathy
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      > > I just saw *Mr. Baggins* and *Return to Bag End* under the rubric
      > title *History of the Hobbit* at a local Barnes and Noble. Your name on
      > the cover. (Or it looked like it!) Congratulations!
      > >
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      > > On Oct 4, 2007, at 5:48 AM, jef.murray wrote:
      > > > Tolkien's Elves were immortal, and so they were, as such, natural
      > > > guardians of history and wisdom. But Tolkien modeled these
      > mythical
      > > > beings after the Benedictine monks of Europe. The western monastic
      > > > tradition, which began with the Rule of St. Benedict, spread
      > > > throughout Europe during the Dark Ages.
      > >
      > > I have never heard this theory before, of the Elves being modeled on
      > > medieval Xian monks. Can you point me towards a source? I shd have
      > > thought the Tuatha de Danaan a closer parallel than the
      > Benedictines.
      > > --John R.
      > > (sorry to be slow in responding, but I've been away in the Midwest
      > > and am just starting to play catch-up on my email)
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