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190The How and Why of Bakshi's LotR film

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  • Ron Bryant
    Jun 16, 1999
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      On Tue, 15 Jun 1999 at 23:54:23 EDT FrMacKen@...

      > Why didn't Ralph Bashki ever finish the animated film of The Lord of
      > the Rings? Although key scenes were written out, and lines spoken by
      > characters, I still think it was a worthy project. I am alone in this

      It's due to the rather strange legalities surrounding film rights, and
      the way
      they're tied directly to each of the three individual volumes of the
      At the time, Bakshi's company, Fantasy Films, had the rights for
      and "Two Towers," only, and still didn't make use of all the story
      of time constraints.

      Meanwhile, the rights to "Return of the King" was held by Rankin/Bass,
      folks also responsible for the animated "Hobbit" which appeared on TV in
      1976. "The Return of the King" aired as a TV movie on ABC not long after

      the release of Bakshi's LotR to the theatres in late 1978, and all three
      these quaint '70s animation pieces are available on videocassette.
      Look for them in the children's section if your favorite purveyor of
      doesn't have a proper and conscientiously maintained animation section



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