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19The Iron Lance

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  • director@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx
    Nov 25, 1998
      >I'm a huge Lawhead fan. I really enjoy his writing, especially the
      >Pendragon "trilogy" (yeah, I know there're five books now, but the first
      >three hold together strongly as a unit with the next two as "add-ons").
      >For the interested, there's a lively Lawhead discussion list
      >My first comment is that the thing was probably *not* copyedited. So far
      >I've found dangling modifiers, Robert Louis Stephenson, and some really
      >*glaring* typos. (I'm an editor by profession, so these things really
      >stand out to me.)
      >As for the book, it doesn't look like one of Lawhead's better books. By
      >far not his worst, but not something great. The whole "1899" sub-plot
      >seems (so far) to be one huge cliche. By page 150, there *still* isn't any
      >great forward movement of the narrative. That whole first book could have
      >been pared by about half of its 120 pages and achieved the same results.
      >Instead, its length makes it read more like a Jordan (ugh) novel.
      >But the story is slooowly starting to pick up speed and interest. Both
      >Alexius and Murdo are well-rounded and fascinating characters. Everyone I
      >know who's finished it really enjoyed it, so maybe it picks up.

      As I said, I really enjoyed the book. It certainly doesn't compare with
      Byzantium or Song of Albion (which I think are his best) but it isn't
      overly long (nowhere near as long as Jordan's books). It only took me 2 or
      3 days of reading off and on to finish it. I guess I'll have to see where
      it heads next before I completely make up my mind.

      Matthew R. Williams
      Watertown Public Library
      Watertown, Wisconsin
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