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    Sep 29, 2007
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      Errr... Some of the Newford novels really aren't at all about the 'Bohemian, folk-music-club social set', i.e. Forests of the Heart which is brilliant in both its use of multiple mythologies and its story.


      Just to show how individual reactions can vary, even though I liked some aspects of the story, I wasn't at all impressed with its "use of multiple mythologies". I felt it tended to reduce all of them to a rather shallow, New Agey common denominator. I was also annoyed by the facile ethnic stereotyping. In my opinion, when De Lint tries to cover so many disparate themes at once he loses his focus, and the story turns out much weaker than one could expect. I far preferred _Someplace to Be Flying_, where the "multiple mythologies" are limited to contrasting Old World and New World versions of the same archetypes (eg, Coyote vs. Reynard the Fox), which gives space to explore them at far greater depth.

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