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18932RE: [mythsoc] "The Company They Keep"

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  • Mike Foster
    Sep 11, 2007
      Cheers indeed, not to mention kudos as well.


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      Excellent news! Congratulations to Diana (and also to David, Who

      On Sep 11, 2007, at 2:52 PM, Lynn Maudlin wrote:
      > Diana Glyer's excellent book, THE COMPANY THEY KEEP, has been chosen
      > as part of the YBP's Core 1000 (second quarter 2007). Libraries are no
      > doubt familiar with the Yankee Book Peddlers but, for those of us who
      > are not:
      > "YBP Library Services is pleased to make available the YBP CORE 1000.
      > YBP has developed, designed and implemented this service to aid
      > academic libraries in assessing current collections and to allow
      > smaller academic libraries the opportunity to benefit from
      > participation with a seasoned vendor in collection development.
      > "Each quarter year YBP will release a segment of the Core 1000 list
      > that will include 250 titles. The Profiling Bibliographers at YBP
      > select these titles for inclusion on the list. The selection process
      > is complex. The profiling unit, which describes each title
      > book-in-hand, will maintain lists of titles each quarter within the
      > subject matter specialty assigned to that Profiler. Thereafter, the
      > titles selected are carefully screened to identify major titles that
      > will stand the test of time and be expected to be contained within
      > good collections. The four quarterly lists of 250 titles will be
      > combined in February and form the Core 1000 for that year.
      > "Each year over 50,000 new titles are published that have relevance to
      > the academic market. The YBP Core 1000 list is a valuable tool in
      > assuring that essential titles are added to the collections. The
      > skill, judgment, knowledge and experience of YBP's profiling
      > bibliographers are the foundation upon which the Core 1000 is built.
      > Thus, the intellectual honesty in describing titles, a proud YBP
      > hallmark, will remain and neither publishers nor trends will influence
      > the selection of titles for the benefit of academic libraries."
      > http://www.ybp <http://www.ybp.com/acad/Core1000Cover.htm>

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