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18909RE: [mythsoc] Pan's Labyrinth

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  • Mike Foster
    Sep 7, 2007
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      In the cool light of day the morning after viewing this, Jo and I
      discovered that, while the movie was certainly wonderfully done, it was
      a bit off-putting for the reasons Pat and Carl noted below-though, as
      noted before, the girl's fate was something I would much rather not have
      known in advance.

      As Jo said, "It's fine that good finally overcame evil, but did there
      have to be so much evil?" The ending, where the girl's death amounts to
      the saving of her brother and her final glimpse of a beatific heavenly
      vision with a God the Father (as well as David Crosby) lookalike seems
      to be an obvious Christian parallel.

      In reviewing this thread, especially the business with the grapes, it
      seems fitting to cite Chesterton's "The Ethics Of Elfland" and his
      Doctrine of Conditional Joy, where all good and evil hang on a random
      choice to do or not to do a simple deed: Eve's apple, Pandora's box.
      Tolkien mentions this in "On Fairy Stories." It certainly looms in the
      amplification of the power of the Ring from -The Hobbit- to -The Lord of
      the Rings-, where what had been a handy little talisman for Bilbo
      becomes life or death for Frodo. That's why Jackson's plot change from
      Faramir refusing to take the Ring from Frodo to the muddled digression
      to Osgiliath is one of the more egregious offenses in the screenplay.


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      On Aug 22, 2007, at 8:22 AM, Patrick H. Wynne wrote:
      > watching a helpless adolescent girl (probably delusional)
      > being physically and psychologically abused for two hours, then shot
      > dead, is NOT my idea of a good time!

      Boy howdy.

      > Am I the only one who absolutely loathed this film?

      No, you are not.

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