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18818RE: [mythsoc] Beowulf film

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  • Mike Foster
    Sep 2, 2007
      As Chesterton said, David, "An argument is ruined by turning it into a
      quarrel." There has been, at times, much more heat that light in this
      discussion over the years, and if in years past I sprinkled a little
      kerosene on the blaze, I don't intend to again, thanks all the same.
      -Procedamus in pace-.

      One way to look at the Jackson films, it being Sunday morning and all,
      is as -felix peccatum-, rather like Eve biting the apple, the felicitous
      sin that led to the Redemption.


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      At 10:39 PM 8/29/2007 -0500, Mike Foster wrote:

      >David, I don't think I've ever accused you of being "rabidly

      I have e-mails from you referring to my "misguided rants" and "wild
      ravings": those are exact quotes from you. You didn't use the actual
      "rabid", but that seems a close enough paraphrase of what you did say.
      course, what prompted these outbursts from you were close analyses of
      Jackson, which for some reason is more than some people seem to be able
      handle. And they've never been purely anti-Jackson. I once told you I
      consider it my bounden duty to point it out to you every time I say
      something positive about Jackson for the next three years, and it hasn't
      been three years yet.

      >I do share Tom Shippey's view that the films, despite
      >their many flaws, have brought many new readers to the book. Some of
      >them were college students of mine and some of them turned out to be
      >rather good undergraduate scholars. Is that bad?

      Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike: we already went over this the last time this
      subject came up, and my response to that argument is, once again,
      in the very post to which you are replying! I wrote:

      "Tom Shippey expressed rather lukewarm feelings in his essay on the
      subject, hoping mostly that the films will lead readers to the book.
      they have. But that doesn't make the films good. Ralph Bakshi led
      to the book. Rankin-Bass led readers to the book. Even Leonard Nimoy
      singing 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins' led readers to the book.)"

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