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18738Re: [mythsoc] Re: Sutcliff, Graf, Gardner/Grendel

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  • David Emerson
    Aug 22, 2007
      >> It seems a more reasonable approach to classics is to retell the
      >> story, retaining "character, personalities, and themes", rather
      >> than drag the old story kicking and screaming into the present
      >> day. _Scotland, PA_ is one such example, _Clueless_ and _West Side
      >> Story_ have already been mentioned on this thread.
      >The Ian McKellan translation of RICHARD THE THIRD into Nazi-era
      >alternate-world England was also extremely effective, though it
      >belongs to a somewhat different category than those you mention.

      Yes. I was thinking more like what somebody else already mentioned -- _Forbidden Planet_ as a re-telling of THE TEMPEST.

      (Odd, isn't it, how RICHARD THE THIRD, among all Shakespeare plays, seems most easily adaptable to almost any time & place. I saw a production in London about 10 years ago that set it among gangsters in the East End. Richard comes on and delivers his "Naow is da winnah of ow' discontent made glaurius summah..." in Cockney accent and it takes off from there.)


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