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  • Joan.Marie.Verba@sff.net
    Aug 22, 2007
      --- Original Message ---
      From: "Mike Foster" <mafoster@...>

      > 'Spoiler alert' is indeed always apt. In my Tolkien course, I mandated
      > that discussion could not advance beyond the texts covered so far, so
      > that no one could spill LORD OF THE RING beans when "Riddles in the
      > Dark" chapter in THE HOBBIT was being discussed.

      The Friendly Neighborhood Mythsoc List Administrator has set no policy about
      spoilers, primiarly because I generally prefer to know the endings to books or
      movies before I read/see them. If people want to voluntarily issue spoiler
      warnings, that's fine; if not, that's fine, too.

      > Oh, and in "Murder on the Orient Express," the murder was committed by.

      Well, that's an exception. It's the one movie I'm glad I didn't know the
      ending to in advance, because I determined who dunnit all by myself!

      (By the way, yes, the Friendly Neighborhood etc. has been keeping watch on the
      Tolkien vs. Jackson debate and was about to issue advisories when the tone
      started to become more moderate. My thanks to those who have voluntarily
      moderated their posts.)

      Carry on.

      Friendly Neighborhood Mythsoc List Administrator
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