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18592Tolkien studies as scholarship

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  • Dean Rowley
    Aug 15, 2007
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      >>Merlin DeTardo wrote:

      >>But if one must be cautious of the Scylla of assuming that the
      >>published material is all, I've also seen Tolkienists fall into the
      >>Charybdis of a "it's just around the corner" attitude; that if only
      >>those inexplicably greedy linguists would release the material, we
      >>could all speak fluent Sindarin at our wedding ceremonies, and peace
      >>and joy would reign throughout the world.

      >I once read a comparison* of that attitude to the controversy
      >surrounding the publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

      I have some friends still in teaching who keep asking me why I waste time researching Tolkien when I could study something of more substance. I will use this to show that substance is in the eye of the beholder.

      Dean Rowley

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