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18584Re: Mythcon 39

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  • Lynn Maudlin
    Aug 13, 2007
      The planning and producing of a Mythcon lives in this position of
      "tension" - Mythcon is the people and if you have it, they will come
      (a certain core group, anyway) and make a fun event out of it. But if
      the committee drops the ball, the verses of Drunken Hobbit will reveal

      This is my job, as Steward for Mythopoeic Conferences: to make sure
      that the con committee (in this case, Anthony and Jessica et. al.)
      knows what's expected and necessary and help them avoid the pitfalls.

      Thank you, David, for a wonderful Mythcon this year, and thank you
      David E. for a wonderful Mythcon back in Minnesota... (hmmm, have you
      thought of holding another?).

      -- <big grin> --
      -- Lynn --
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