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185Re: Awards etc

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  • Diane Baker
    Jun 15 8:32 PM
      W.B.Honey wrote:

      > >I saw the Mythopoeic Award nominations in Ansible, but not listed on the Mythopoeic website. Are they official yet?
      > >
      > >Red
      > >>Tomorrow's the last day for the vote on the "final list." We'd love to
      > have your input on next year's Mythopoeic Awards committee. ---djb.<<
      > Does that mean the ansible list wasn't the final list, or that the final
      > votes for who won on that list are still to come?

      Final votes are still to come.

      it seems to unpick (like a Gene Wolfe novel) from something
      > that, on first reading seemed light and funny and almost an exercise in
      > pastiche (Hope Mirrlees, Dunsany, Cabell, jack Vance, maybe E. Nesbit) to something that seemed to get deeper and more intricate with each reading.

      I'm a fan of Gene Wolfe myself. What have you read by him?

      >I thought it very appropriate too that the
      > awards nominated the illustrated edition - I'm sure JRRT would have >liked something like that.
      You may be right. The illos were neat, and really give a sense of
      > No interest in the Lord of the Rings movies. My head has not yet managed to expunge the taste of the BBC Narnia films.

      Are you talking about the Wonderworks version, or the animated ones?
      > Red
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