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18478Re: "athelas" and "orgel"

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  • Merlin DeTardo
    Jul 15, 2007
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      >>"William Cloud Hicklin" <solicitr@...> wrote:

      >>>---"Merlin DeTardo" <emptyD@> wrote:
      >>>So "athelas" is Sindarin, but with an unresolved etymology ...?

      >> It's definitely Sindarin. I would suggest that the etymology isn't
      unresolved, either, although the note in question...

      Thanks very much for that explanation.

      >>...it wouldn't be the only time OE found its way into the Elvish
      tongues: see CT's note on Orgel in Children of Hurin...

      I can't find Orgel in the list of names at the back of _The Children
      of Hurin_ -- which character is that?

      Just kidding. Do you think Christopher Tolkien is right that it
      was "too late" to change "Saeros" to "Orgol"?
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