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18462Golly, you mean Peter Jackson didn't include this scene in his films?

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Jul 12, 2007
      I was surfing Wikipedia today when I came across the following statement.
      It's in the entry for "eucatastrophe". Usually the people who writes the
      entries in Wikipedia, if they don't always manage to be quite accurate, at least
      try to come across as staid, formal, and authoritative. Every once in a
      while though somebody says something completely off the wall. This is the
      explanation of why a eucatastrophe is not the same thing as a deus ex machina:

      > To illustrate deus ex machina, suppose Tolkien introduces a new character
      at the last minute. Let's say
      > Frodo's fourth cousin twice removed. We'll name her Mary Sue. She comes
      along as Frodo declares, "The
      > Ring is mine," snatches it from his hand, and tosses it into the fires of
      Mt. Doom, thus saving the day with
      > Frodo's hand still intact.

      Wendell Wagner

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