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18446Re: [mythsoc] Re: Medieval studies

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  • John D Rateliff
    Jul 9, 2007
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      On Jul 9, 2007, at 12:58 PM, William Cloud Hicklin wrote:
      > Fair enough, but the column's reference to 'speaking'
      > or 'knowing' or 'knowing of' the language "Elvish" is
      > simply ignorance. One can't, even in theory, speak
      > "Elvish" any more than one could speak Romance, or
      > Finno-Ugric.

      Or Indo-European. Of course. But I'm willing to cut him a break on
      that point, since Bilbo himself often uses "Elvish" when he means
      (e.g. "Translations from the Elvish" or "I thought you knew enough
      Elvish at least to know dun-adan: Man of the West, Numenorean").
      Finally getting a chance to read the article itself, I think it
      does a pretty good job of pointing out that today's scholars don't
      become medievalists by reading BEOWULF in college; they discover a
      love of medieval literature either through reading JRRT, or playing
      D&D, or (in the vast majority of cases) both.
      It's funny that as a gamer I see pieces like this every year
      where a reporter goes to regale people about the odd going-ons at
      GenCon; seeing the same treatment transferred to a scholarly
      conference is bemusing. Though as a purist I do scoff at the idea
      that finding a computer to play D&D Online isn't the same thing as
      finding a place to play D&D.
      Thanks to Wendell for posting the link.

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