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  • Mike Foster
    Jun 25, 2007
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      During my term teaching in Canterbury at Canterbury Christ Church
      University College in spring 2004, NORTHERN LIGHTS was one of the three
      assigned novels on the syllabus in the Fiction & Drama course for
      underclass English majors. While it certainly started out very well, it
      was, as noted below, incomplete and thus unfulfilling. A few of the
      students had read the others and their verdict was similar to WCH's.

      THE BORROWERS, which I first read as a child, would have earned my
      sentimental vote; all of the series' volumes were well-wrought. I
      re-read as an adult years ago and they held up quite well.

      Far Westfarthing smial here in west-central Illinois has discussed
      adding GC/NL to our agenda for reading before the film appears.


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      >That Pullman utterly
      > failed to deliver on the promise of this first book
      doesn't, to my
      > mind, detract from his achievement, anymore than
      > diminishes A WIZARD OF EARTHSEA, or Book V of THE
      > diminishes Books III & IV.

      I can't concur. GC isn't a book in its own right,
      like Wizard of Earthsea, but merely Volume 1, like
      Fellowship. It can't to my mind be judged
      independent of the other volumes, and like David, I
      find the third in particular to be a trainwreck: Act
      III of Faust as imagined by William Burroughs.

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