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  • lynnmaudlin
    May 25, 2007
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      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Walter Padgett" <wpadgett@...> wrote:
      > If Tolkien's myth can make the current geopolitical situation any more
      > intelligible, I can't think of a more appropriate place to discuss such
      > comparisons. That is a function of myth, isn't it-- to impose a
      sense of
      > order on complex natural phenomena?

      I can assure you that a *real* geopolitical discussion in this group
      will create much tension and flying of fur, gnashing of teeth, etc. It
      would prove to be divisive and feelings would be hurt, offense would
      be taken (even when not intended) - not a good plan, imho. BUT a
      different group could be set up for that specific purpose and then
      those individuals who find such strong fare to their liking would be
      free to wrestle each other into submission... <grin>

      But folks participate here to focus on Tolkien and not the current
      geopolitical situation (many actively want to escape thinking about
      the current geopolitical situation). The fact that we can see various
      applications is, as Sara pointed out, high praise to Tolkien's work
      and the way it engages the intelligent reader.

      I don't know that a function of myth is to impose a sense of order on
      complex natural phenomena - that, in itself, is an interesting
      question. If you go back to Greek myth (and drama!), is it in fact
      attempting to impose order on an unruly world? Or is it the telling of
      stories? (some of which I am increasingly convinced were based on

      Did anybody else here see the Greek Tolkien Society's juxtaposition of
      Oedipus Rex and Tolkien? Probably Mike Foster did... that was
      *amazing*, my favorite experience at the 2005 Tolkien Conference
      (incorporating Mythcon 36) in Birmingham, England.
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