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18201Re: [mythsoc] Re: _Children of Hurin_ editions compared

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  • Elena Rossi
    May 20, 2007
      --- hisilome <david.vdpeet@...> wrote:

      > Well, it may not be _that_ important, but I haven't
      > received my copy
      > yet, and I can tell you that like you I'll certainly
      > be disappointed
      > if the pages are just glued together! This seems to
      > happen a lot
      > these days, though, take the Houghton Mifflin
      > (hardcover) editions
      > of "The History of Middle-earth" series, for
      > example--but I'd have
      > expected a bit more from HarperCollins.

      I too expected much better!
      Actually, I expected something like the edition of
      "the Hobbit" illustrated by Alan Lee... It's very
      similar as layout (both have pencil drawings at the
      beginning of each chapter, and some full-page coloutr
      But The Hobbit is printed on a beautiful glossy paper
      (with sewn binding, even for the paperback!) that
      makes every single pencil stroke stand out even if
      the drawings have very delicate shades of grey... In
      COH on the contrary, such detailed reproduction is not
      possible because (it's only just a normal paper, not
      especially bad quality but simply not suitable for
      such illustration), and details disappear in a sort of
      grey cloud that makes a very poor service to Alan
      Lee's art :-(.
      And if you try to look closer, you just see the dots
      of the halftone screen :-(

      I thought that with COH they would do the same as for
      The Hobbit, but obviously the temptation to save a few
      cents on each copy by making a cheap edition (cheap
      for them, not for the readers!) was too strong.

      > In
      > particular, I don't see
      > how they can sell both "sewn" and "glued" copies for
      > the same price.
      > (I've already written to both Amazon and
      > HarperCollins to inquire
      > about this, maybe you want to do that, too? Costs
      > nothing...)

      Oh, well, I think now it's too late...Now I have it
      and I'll keep it...And hope that by the time it start
      losing pages, there will be another, better edition...
      Also, I didn't buy it from Amazon but from Forbidden
      Planet (London), because Alan Lee would be there to
      sign copies on 19th April and it was possible to order
      signed copies even from the internet... And my copy
      was signed (I'm a fan of Alan Lee), so it's
      necessarily one that was already in the library on
      that date (which together with the 'I' printed near
      the copyright, makes me think it's a first edition...I
      really don't care about first editions, but I only
      wonder whether the stitched/sewn may depend from the

      > On that note, I just received my copy of the first
      > volume of John D.
      > Rateliff's "The History of the Hobbit", and guess
      > what: also a "false
      > paperback", as you call it.

      I haven't bought it yet, but I'm rather disappointed
      to hear that :-(
      (I meant a "false hardback", but probably the concept
      is the same).
      Another sad example of this is the extended edition of
      Somith of Wootton Major edited by Verlyn Flieger...
      The book is magnificent; there is the reproduction of
      all the first edition (with illustrations by Pauline
      Baynes), then notes and commentaries, then the
      original draft by Tolkien (pictures of every single
      page, with transcription on the opposite page)...All
      this ruined by a binding where pages (made of rather
      rigid paper) seem to fly away from the first time you
      open the book.

      > Now I'm not sure in this
      > case if all the
      > hardcover copies have glued spines, or if there are
      > properly sewn
      > copies out there as well? Maybe others on this list
      > who also ordered
      > this book can satisfy my curiosity...

      Well, I've never heard that a book was issued in two
      such different forms at the same time by the same
      publisher, that's why I asked Carl if he was sure that
      the COH he owns is really sewn (sometimes the
      difference is obvious, but sometimes pages are packed
      very strictly and it's not easy to see the
      difference!); or maybe he has the Deluxe edition? (I
      think the Deluxe edition is sewn, or what Deluxe
      edition is it?)


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