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18200Re: _Children of Hurin_ editions compared

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  • Jason Fisher
    May 20, 2007
      > --- Elena wote: ---
      > Are you sure of that? ...
      > it's a HarperCollins but it's not sewn,
      > pages are just glued to the spine ...
      > Is it possible that there are several
      > batches produced by HarperCollins,
      > some sewn and some glued?

      This is interesting because when I got my U.S. Houghton-Mifflin copy from Amazon � I too had it preordered � I noticed it was a *second* printing. This was very annoying � until I went to the bookstore and compared it to the first printing. Strangely, the second (and perhaps all subsequent?) U.S. printing was of better quality (better paper, better binding � though still not as good as Carl and David have made the first British printing sound) than the *first*! So, this sounds like the opposite situation with HarperCollins, whose first sounds better than its subsequent printings. You say you think yours is a first printing, Elena, and it may be, but I've found it's sometimes harder to tell with some publishers. Houghton-Mifflin's printings are more clearly identified.

      So, second U.S. printing though it is, it's the one I'm keeping. For now, anyway. Whims of the publishing industry, I guess.


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