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18199Re: _Children of Hurin_ editions compared

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  • hisilome
    May 20 7:44 AM
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, Elena Rossi <rossiele@...> wrote:
      > --- "Carl F. Hostetter" <Aelfwine@...> wrote:
      > > I received my copies of both the US (Houghton
      > > Mifflin) and UK
      > > (HarperCollins) trade editions of _Children of
      > > Húrin_ today, and
      > > wanted to let interested readers know that while
      > > identical in
      > > contents, the UK edition is larger in page size
      > > (also in plate size,
      > > for the illustrations), in better boards, on better
      > > paper, and with
      > > better (sewn) binding.
      > Are you sure of that?
      > I received my copy today (I had pre-ordered it long
      > ago but for a misunderstanding the bookshop set aside
      > my copy and didn't send it for some weeks), it's a
      > HarperCollins but it's not sewn, pages are just glued
      > to the spine, which I find very very disappointing!
      > :-(
      > Is it possible that there are several batches produced
      > by HarperCollins, some sewn and some glued? My copy
      > should be a first edition as far as I can tell, there
      > is written "Published by HarperCollins Publishers
      > 2007" and then, on the line below, "I".
      > Oh, well, it's not that important, but I hate such
      > "false paperbacks" that fall into pieces after a few
      > readings!

      Well, it may not be _that_ important, but I haven't received my copy
      yet, and I can tell you that like you I'll certainly be disappointed
      if the pages are just glued together! This seems to happen a lot
      these days, though, take the Houghton Mifflin (hardcover) editions
      of "The History of Middle-earth" series, for example--but I'd have
      expected a bit more from HarperCollins. In particular, I don't see
      how they can sell both "sewn" and "glued" copies for the same price.
      (I've already written to both Amazon and HarperCollins to inquire
      about this, maybe you want to do that, too? Costs nothing...)

      On that note, I just received my copy of the first volume of John D.
      Rateliff's "The History of the Hobbit", and guess what: also a "false
      paperback", as you call it. Now I'm not sure in this case if all the
      hardcover copies have glued spines, or if there are properly sewn
      copies out there as well? Maybe others on this list who also ordered
      this book can satisfy my curiosity...


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