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18047Chapter on Lewis in Forthcoming Book

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  • Jason Fisher
    May 9, 2007
      For those who might be interested, there will be a chapter on C.S. Lewis in the forthcoming Global Perspectives on Medieval English Literature, Language, and Culture, Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr., Richard Scott Nokes, eds., Medieval Institute Publications, Fall 2007. Details on this very interesting-looking volume below.

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      From: Richard Scott Nokes
      To: Jason Fisher
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      Subject: Re: Regarding your forthcoming book


      Here are the contents of the book:

      Acknowledgments ix

      Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr., and Richard Scott Nokes xi

      Medieval Echoes in C. S. Lewis�s The Chronicles of Narnia
      with a Special Emphasis on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
      Andrzej Wicher 3

      Writing a New Morality Play: The Court as the World in John Skelton�s Magnyfycence
      and John Redford�s The Marriage of Wit and Science
      Liliana Sikorska 21

      Clerical Anxiety, Margery�s Crying, and Her Book
      Ji-Soo Kang 41

      �The blood I souke of his feet�: The Christocentric Heritage
      of Medieval Affective Piety�A Historical Overview
      W�adys�aw Witalisz 59

      Despotic Mares, Dirty Sows, and Angry Bitches: On Middle English Zoosemy and Beyond
      Grzegorz A. Kleparski 93

      No Greater Pain: The Ironies of Bliss in Chaucer�s Troilus and Criseyde
      An Sonjae (Brother Anthony) 117

      Re-examining Geoffrey Chaucer�s Work in an Age of Globalization: Troilus and Criseyde and Chaucer�s Global Perspective
      Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr. 133

      King Alfred the Great and the Victorian Translations of His Anglo-Saxon Boethius
      Philip Edward Phillips 155

      The Identity of the �Geong Mon� (line 42) in �The Wife�s Lament� (or �The Lament of an Outcast�)
      Sung-Il Lee 175

      Origin and Supplement: Marvels and Miracles in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles and Bede�s Ecclesiastical History
      Minwoo Yoon 195

      Diagraming Old English Sentences
      Robert D. Stevick 229

      Global Literature, Medieval Literature, and the Popol Vuh
      Richard Scott Nokes 261

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