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  • Oberhelman, D
    May 7 9:31 AM
      And of course we also have the wonderful hooded Sauron on the cover of the Ace Return of the King. That one also has some dandy winged helmets as I recall.

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      We also have Tolkien's own sketch for the cover of The Return of the King, in which he seems to depict Sauron in humanoid form. This may or may not be purely artistic or metaphorical, as with most of the examples of synechdoche (those previously discussed, and others), but as Hammond and Scull write, "the Shadow of Mordor [is] given gigantic human-like form. The long arm of Sauron reaches out across red and black mountains, its clawed hand like the mouth of a hungry beast, sharp with teeth" (Artist and Illustrator, p. 184). See the sketch in plate 181. Sauron also appears to be wearing a crown. Intersting.

      Also remember the footnote in Letter #131: "It is only in the time between The Hobbit and its sequel that it is discovered that the Necromancer is Sauron Redivivus, growing swiftly to visible shape and power again." (Letters, p. 158) "Visible shape" is the key point, obviously.

      Jason Fisher

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