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18019Re: [mythsoc] Sauron Redivivus

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  • David Bratman
    May 7, 2007
      At 08:35 AM 5/7/2007 -0700, Jason Fisher wrote:

      >We also have Tolkien's own sketch for the cover of The Return of the King,
      >in which he seems to depict Sauron in humanoid form. This may or may not be
      >purely artistic or metaphorical, as with most of the examples of synechdoche
      >(those previously discussed, and others)

      Yes. If one says, "His arm has grown long," as Gimli and Gandalf do upon
      Caradhras, that doesn't mean he necessarily physically has an arm - this is
      his metaphorical arm that's growing, obviously, not his physical one - let
      alone that he is a disembodied arm flapping around. But by the same token,
      referring to his eye doesn't mean that he's just an eye.

      >Sauron also appears to be wearing a crown. Intersting.

      The Lord of the Nazgul wears one too.

      - David Bratman
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