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17991Re: Mythopoeic Discussion Group May 11th, 2007

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  • lynnmaudlin
    May 2 1:55 PM
      wow! what a lot you're going to discuss!

      It sounds like a FABULOUS space but I wonder if the Inklings would
      really feel "at home" anyplace that didn't include a pint and a pipe?

      hmmm, just a thought...
      have a GREAT time!
      -- Lynn --

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Anthony and Jessica"
      <herenistarion@...> wrote:
      > With many thanks to Northeast Tolkien Society member Amy Hitotsubashi
      > the Northeast Tolkien Society will commence its monthly Mythopoeic
      > Discussion Group moots at St. Paul's Library, Friday May 11th, 2007,
      > 5pm to 9pm. We will be discussing The Children of Hurin, and Tolkien
      > and Shakespeare, the work of SK Thoth (forthcoming publications and
      > recent CD), for those who have read them, if you have not you are
      > welcome to discuss this with us, we encourage you to do so but is not
      > a requirement. If the majority wishes we can move to any other
      > discussion of the work of the Inklings.
      > We also encourage you to bring anything Tolkien and Inklings, or a
      > connected fiction, fantasy, piece of history to the group. We may not
      > necessarily get to everything this particular night but can place it
      > on the agenda for the next moot.
      > But it will not be the only topic, we would like to encourage aspiring
      > writers to openly read and discuss your work with the group, allowing
      > it open for ideas, and insight from one another.
      > Also according to Amy for those who wish to meet before and/or after
      > the moot:
      > "There is a good pizza place around the corner on Court St, a more
      > up-scale Italian place on the corner, and numerous eateries 2+ blocks
      > away on Smith and on Court."
      > Directions to and from St. Pauls within NYC, from Queens, Manhattan
      > and Brooklyn see this MTA Page for information on taking the F line to
      > Carroll Gardens Brooklyn
      > http://www.mta.info/nyct/service/fline.htm
      > For further information, read this: including Amy's enchanting letter
      > detailing the Library
      > The library of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Carroll Gardens,
      > Brooklyn is a place in which the Inklings would have felt at home.
      > Located at 119 Carroll Street, between Court and Clinton (one block
      > from the F train's Carroll Street Station -- President Street exit),
      > one enters from the side street, going down a path until one sees on
      > the right a fat, arched red door with a tiny, whimsical window in it.
      > Enter and go up to the third floor, but look into the prayer chapel on
      > the second floor when you pass it -- this room is medieval.
      > The library on the third floor has more of a Tudor mood -- dark,
      > exposed beams on a high white ceiling, leaded glass-paned windows, a
      > cavernous fireplace, and a heavy, long table, big enough to seat about
      > 20 (plenty more heavy, comfortable chairs if we want to sit in a
      > This is a lovely space. In the summer, there is cross ventilation and
      > a view of leafy trees. The church lets it out to community groups free
      > of charge (it might be nice to give a token gift). We have served
      > tea/coffee/soft drinks there and bringing in food is fine -- . I have
      > no pictures, but the directions by car are at
      > www.dioceselongisland.org/allparish/B28StPaulsCarrollSt.htm and other
      > info at www.stpaulscarrollst.org/
      > Highly recommended by
      > Amy Hitotsubashi
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