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17989Re: [mythsoc] Mythcon travel issues

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  • David Bratman
    May 1, 2007
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      At 07:30 PM 4/30/2007 -0400, WendellWag@... wrote:

      >At the 2001 Mythcon, I flew into San Francisco Airport because it was
      >noticeably cheaper to fly to there (from BWI), for some random reason,
      >rather than
      >Oakland, and it wasn't necessary to take any ground transportation until
      >getting to Berkeley. I just took BART to the Berkeley station and a taxi to
      >campus. So it's not necessary to go over any bridges at all.

      Yes, I should have mentioned that public transit is not affected by this at
      all, except insofar as it may be more crowded.

      At 02:51 AM 5/1/2007 -0700, Bonnie Callahan wrote:

      >For many it will be useful to approach the Bay
      >area (via auto) from the routes that enter Berkeley
      >from the I-5. That will avoid the mess.

      Whether coming from I-5 avoids the mess depends on which way you go from
      I-5. If you're coming from the south, either from San Jose, or from I-5
      via 580, the best routes to Clark Kerr don't go through the maze anyway.

      >BART is REALLY valuable. I assume it connects with
      >airport, for those who aren't renting a vehicle.

      There will be more detail about this in PR2, but BART goes right into the
      San Francisco Airport and connects via a shuttle bus to the Oakland
      Airport. However, at the other end as Wendell notes you have to catch a
      cab or have someone pick you up. It's well over a mile from the BART
      station to Clark Kerr, and not something you'd walk with luggage.

      >People driving from Airport, cut East. Take one of the
      >routes that skirt the Eastern edge of East Bay

      If you're driving from the Oakland Airport, take the freeways direct: 880
      to 980 in downtown Oakland, continue on to 24, and get off at the Claremont
      exit, as I wrote before. That's the best route to Clark Kerr, and doesn't
      pass through the maze. DO NOT try to head east to the hill routes (580 or
      13) directly from the airport. Really. Long before you get there you'll
      get slogged down in a lot of slow, heavy-trafficked surface streets in a
      very bad neighborhood.

      David Bratman
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