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17988Mythcon travel issues

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  • Bonnie Callahan
    May 1, 2007
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      Hi Mythcon Attendees:

      For many it will be useful to approach the Bay
      area (via auto) from the routes that enter Berkeley
      from the I-5. That will avoid the mess. (Looked like
      melted TAFFY in the news photos!!)

      BART is REALLY valuable. I assume it connects with
      airport, for those who aren't renting a vehicle.
      (Thanks, David!)

      People driving from Airport, cut East. Take one of the
      routes that skirt the Eastern edge of East Bay

      If anyone needs tips, I'm a map student/maven. I might
      be able to help you all.


      > Thanks, David. You anticipated the question many of
      > us had after
      > yesterday's news.
      > Mike
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      > Subject: [mythsoc] The Oakland freeway and Mythcon
      > By this time you may have heard about a gas tanker
      > explosion in the
      > middle
      > of a major freeway interchange in Oakland on Sunday
      > morning. And you may
      > be wondering how this will affect travel to and from
      > Mythcon.
      > There is some hope that the freeway will be repaired
      > before Mythcon.
      > But nobody's guaranteeing anything, so in case it
      > isn't fixed by then:
      > The best road to Mythcon from the Oakland airport*
      > does not go through
      > this
      > interchange, though traffic may be heavier than
      > normal especially on the
      > return to the airport.
      > The best road to Mythcon from San Francisco was
      > along the overpass that
      > collapsed, but there's an easy alternative**, though
      > again traffic may
      > be
      > heavier than normal.
      > - David Bratman
      > Mythcon XXXVIII chair
      > *880 to 980 to 24 to Claremont Avenue.
      > **80 E to Ashby.
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