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17942Re: the eenie-weenie spoiler went up the dragon's snout.

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  • Merlin DeTardo
    Apr 12, 2007
      >---"William Cloud Hicklin" <solicitr@...> wrote:
      >That's a pretty eenie-weenie spoiler. At most it might disappoint
      those who were hoping for something that was never there.

      Ah, but something that was never where? Appleyard's quote, and his
      description of it, seem to reveal that _The Children of Hurin_ uses
      one possible source over another for a particular passage. It's
      pretty eenie-weenie to you and me, but the _History of Middle-earth_
      devotees in the discussion to which I linked, commenting on, say, the
      possible appearance of "valiant Fingon" versus "prevaricate
      Fingolfin" (to quote one of the discussants) might find more meaning
      in Appleyard's citation than we do. The spoiler advisory was
      directed at anyone here who might have a similar interest.

      Given that most of the material in CoH has probably been published
      before, there may not be much to spoil except the nature of the
      selection. Well, only five more days of idle speculation.

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