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17924Re: [mythsoc] Paradise Lost is discovered

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  • David Emerson
    Apr 4, 2007
      >From the April issue of the science-fiction newsletter Ansible. Time for
      >Milton fans to tremble as Tolkien and Lewis fans have been trembling.
      >Observe particularly the new discovery of what language Milton wrote in.
      >>SPRINGTIME FOR LUCIFER. The _New York Times_ story about plans to film
      >>_Paradise Lost_ is full of tasty quotations, especially from the producer
      >>Vincent Newman. `"It's a 400-some-odd-page poem written in Old English,"
      >>he said, laughing. "How do you find the movie in that?"' But `if you get
      >>past the Milton of it all, and think about the greatest war that's ever
      >>been fought, the story itself is pretty compelling.' One must focus on
      >>essentials: `less Adam and Eve and more about what's happening with the
      >>archangels', since `In Eden there's the nudity problem ... which would
      >>be a big problem for a big studio movie.' Then there was `the studio
      >>executive who, halfway through the pitch, blurted: "Wait a minute. You
      >>mean God is God?"' As Vincent sums it up: `This could be like _The Lord
      >>of the Rings_, or bigger.' (_NY Times_, 4 March) [JB]

      Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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