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17918Re: [mythsoc] Paradise Lost is discovered

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  • Elizabeth Hardy
    Apr 3, 2007
      Maybe I can hope a few of the archangels wil pay a visit to these people! I have always thought the Faerie Queene would make an amazing series of movies (since I have written about both epic poems' influence on Lewis). If a person could just get past the language (which, thankfully, is not Old, nor even Middle English), but now I'm hoping that the Hollywood types never hear of Edmund Spenser. If they find out how much sex, violence, and opprtunity for CGI wizardy are in FQ, the abuse may go on...
      Poor Milton.

      David Bratman <dbratman@...> wrote:
      From the April issue of the science-fiction newsletter Ansible. Time for
      Milton fans to tremble as Tolkien and Lewis fans have been trembling.
      Observe particularly the new discovery of what language Milton wrote in.

      >SPRINGTIME FOR LUCIFER. The _New York Times_ story about plans to film
      >_Paradise Lost_ is full of tasty quotations, especially from the producer
      >Vincent Newman. `"It's a 400-some-odd-page poem written in Old English,"
      >he said, laughing. "How do you find the movie in that?"' But `if you get
      >past the Milton of it all, and think about the greatest war that's ever
      >been fought, the story itself is pretty compelling.' One must focus on
      >essentials: `less Adam and Eve and more about what's happening with the
      >archangels', since `In Eden there's the nudity problem ... which would
      >be a big problem for a big studio movie.' Then there was `the studio
      >executive who, halfway through the pitch, blurted: "Wait a minute. You
      >mean God is God?"' As Vincent sums it up: `This could be like _The Lord
      >of the Rings_, or bigger.' (_NY Times_, 4 March) [JB]

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