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17814Mithril in Third Age

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  • mailbox@hughes.net
    Mar 7, 2007
      An erstwhile colleague, a chemistry professor at Illinois Central
      College, just posted the question below. Can anyone help with an
      answer, please?

      "The question was exactly how rare was mithril in Middle-earth at the
      end of the Third Age. As I recall the most informative reference was
      Gandalf’s comments while they were passing through Moria, and the only
      specific artifacts I could think of were the helmets of the high guard
      of Gondor, Bilbo’s coat, and if I am remembering correctly one of the
      three rings. I offered the opinion that there were around 15 or 20
      mithril artifacts scattered around Middle-earth, but perhaps there were
      only half a dozen or in the other extreme maybe the number was in the
      hundreds, stashed away wherever elves keep their valuables. Any
      thoughts? Chris"

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