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17785Best way to sell a collector's edition book?

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  • sundstromlinda
    Feb 7, 2007
      I have the red leatherish copy of The Lord of the Rings in its case -
      second edition/collector's edition - copyright 1965 that I bought at a
      library bookstore (it was donated to the book store) - even though I
      already had one in my collection - because it was THERE and because it
      was $6.00. It was dusty on the case - and the bottom of the case is
      torn/worn. The whole thing might be a tad askew, but not real
      noticably. Obviously these collector's editons were never read.

      I don't want to make a profit by selling on ebay or naywhere, I just
      wanted to rescue the book - so if any of you know anyone who might
      want it for that price - along with exact payment for shiping media
      mail or >?? Would you please let me know?

      Who can't stand to see Tolkien books lingering anywhere but on her own
      book shelves.
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