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17784Re Pan's Labyrinth

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  • sundstromlinda
    Feb 7, 2007
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      I've also seen Mirrormask - and it is truly unusual. A sort of
      imagined LSD trip without the drugs.
      But Pan's Labyrinth is brutal in intensity. Even the fantasy
      characters are ugly, yet admittedly very creative in scope.

      Again, false advertising to the max. Watch that trailer on TV or at
      the theatre, and you won't have any idea what the movie is really
      about. You'll assume it's about a fantasy land of oddities.
      And you would be quite incorrect to let your mind flow completely in
      that direction.

      It's no Terrabithia. (SPELLING?)That's for sure. (And the plant
      roots that look like babies has already been done in Harry Potter's
      greenhouses, though I'm fairly sure Potter's classmates didn't have
      to feed them their own blood - or watch the very bloody human birth
      scene that soon follows)

      Oh well. It's garnering a lot of critical kudos. But then violent
      films seem to do that nowadays, don't they? ("Crash," etc).