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17777Re: Narnia Edited Collection

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  • Jason Fisher
    Feb 6, 2007
      > I submitted two proposals ... I haven't heard a peep yet,
      > and I'd really like to know, since I need to make revisions to
      > one article and finish the other one; my typing is pretty slow
      > these days with a baby on one arm!

      Well, I don't see why you shouldn't reach out and ping John Briggs / Craig Svonkin about it.

      > I wonder if they have looked at McFarland as a publisher? It's a
      > small but successful scholary press, and my husband and I have
      > both published there with good results. They market largely to libraries.

      Not sure whom they've talked to, but McFarland is certainly a good thought. Last I head, there were "expressions of interest from a number of scholarly publishers", but I don't know anything more specific. You could certainly suggest McFarland to them.

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