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17772RE: [mythsoc] Re: Lewis name origin question

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  • Oberhelman, D
    Feb 5, 2007
      Ah, interesting that the entry was apparently altered within a day or two. One of the advantages of Wikis is that they can updated quickly. Yet there are still many dangers in relying upon "community policing" to ensure quality and accuracy. I will have to use this as an example in the discussion topic I am giving the undergraduates in my online Library Science research skills course (they are looking at how Wiki sites differ from traditional, peer-reviewed information sources with known authors).

      I have looked at the Tolkien Wiki (http://www.thetolkienwiki.org) a few times, and it has some decent material, but the entries are very inconsistent in quality and detail.

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      How funny: having this friend in common with David, I checked
      wikipedia last week about the origin of "Oyarsa", and found nothing;
      the "source of name" section seems to have been added to
      wikipedia's "Oyarsa" entry only yesterday.

      -Merlin DeTardo

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