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17723Mythcon 38: rates going up soon

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  • David Bratman
    Jan 14, 2007
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      The 38th Mythopoeic Conference, Mythcon 38, will be held at the Clark Kerr
      Center in Berkeley, California, August 3-6. It's the Mythopoeic Society's
      annual gathering to get together with those who share interests in the
      Inklings, myth, and fantasy. There will be papers, panels, musical
      performances, and other events.

      Registration is currently $50 for Mythopoeic Society members and $60 for
      non-members. Rates are going up February 1st, to $75 for members and $85
      for non-members, so we encourage you to join now. Room and board rates
      (we're on a college campus conference center, and recommend staying on
      campus and taking meals together) will be available soon.

      Our website is at <http://www.mythsoc.org/mythcon38.html>.

      There you will find registration info, including an address for checks and
      our PayPal buttons; also the Call for Papers, should you want to present
      one - deadline for that is April 15th.

      Again, registration is $50 for Mythopoeic Society members and $60 for
      non-members only through February 1st.

      We hope to see you at Mythcon.