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17714Re: [mythsoc] Re: The LR Second Edition

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  • Wayne G. Hammond
    Jan 7, 2007
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      William Cloud Hicklin wrote:

      >A question on a trivial matter: what is the "correct" name for
      >that edition?
      >On my "1965" H-M (Quackenbush covers), the title page reads
      >"Second Edition," the dustjacket reads "Revised Edition," and
      >the front flap reads "Second Edition, Revised!"

      There's no one "correct" name for it. In the Descriptive Bibliography I
      call it the "second Houghton Mifflin edition", as distinct from the "second
      Allen & Unwin edition", the Ballantine "revised edition", etc., and because
      "second edition" in the tortuous publication history of The Lord of the
      Rings could mean not only any one of these, but also the Ace Books edition
      (a new typesetting except for the Appendices) and even the Allen & Unwin
      Fellowship from the (reset) "second printing" onward.

      The trick in all this is to distinguish "edition" in bibliographical terms
      (a wholly or substantially new typesetting) from "edition" in publishers'
      terms (any kind of marketing construct) and from "edition" in the textual
      sense, as when we refer to the "first edition text" and "second edition
      text" of LR.


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