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17710Re: Denethor's beard? (Was RE: Tolkien on Elf beards)

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  • William Cloud Hicklin
    Jan 5, 2007
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      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Merlin DeTardo" <emptyD@...>

      > I did read an interesting short essay on Denethor about a year
      > that noted that his face is described in more detail than most
      > characters in LotR:

      In the absence of other evidence, I would apply ejusdem generis
      here and say he was (probably) beardless. Of course that says
      nothing about his genetics, just his razor.

      Take MM with a grain of salt- he does tend to extrapolate
      "facts" where there are only possibilities. The "true" answer is
      dormitat Homerus: Tolkien really wasn't paying attention when he
      stuck beards on Cirdan and the ancient statue. Convincing as
      Tolkien is, there isn't actually an underlying reality to be
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