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17694Re: Arkenstone/Silmaril

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  • Jason Fisher
    Jan 2, 2007
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      > I've written an essay laying out the pros and cons ("The
      > Arkenstone as Silmaril"), which'll be appearing in Vol. II.

      Ah, excellent. Yet another reason (as if we needed more, heh) to look forward to your book.

      > For a good brief account of the Silmaril/Arkenstone question, see
      > THE ANNOTATED HOBBIT (revised edition) page 294.
      > Jason, I'd be interested in seeing your trimmed paragraph on the
      > point if you'd like to post it sometime.

      Sure, and speaking of The Annotated Hobbit, the citation you just gave was in the cut paragraph from my entry as well. I'll get hold of that first draft at home and post the relevant portion within the next evening or two.


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