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17667Re: [mythsoc] Re: old favorites and sagging canon

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  • jane Bigelow
    Dec 24, 2006
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      Ah yes, standardized tests. It's the CSAP here in Colorado, and it
      eats weeks of time. An Arizona cousin of mine has quite teaching
      grade school because she can no longer try to give her students what
      they need because of the time pressure from their version of the monster.

      Sorry, I think I may be getting off topic there. Drilling people for
      test scores does make it hard to pass along great ideas.


      At 01:44 AM 12/24/2006, you wrote:

      >Most of the list appears every summer on the various summer
      >reading lists I see at the bookstore, although the more challenging
      >works usually are assigned by the Catholic schools. I can tell by
      >what books the parent or student asks for the high school the
      >child is attending . Seamus Heaney's " Beowulf" for example
      >usually means the customer's list is from Boston College High
      >School. Recently a split developed on Homer. Some of the
      >schools prefer the Fitzgerald translation to the new Fagles.
      >The biggest problem, IMHO, to a student reading all of the list
      >is the education system itself. It's not the individual teacher's fault
      >but they can only teach or assign so much in one year. How many of
      >us who took US History in high school ever got up to present day,
      >for example? And now at least in Mass. they spend time preparing
      >and reviewing for the MCAS exams. I'm all for improving test
      >scores but what about education?
      >Ah well. I plan to spend some time reading the older Butler prose
      >translations of Homer and Vergil I picked up for half price at the
      >store. Not as beautiful as the verse versions but it's nostalgia for
      >me. I read The Odyssey back in the 3rd or 4th grade.
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