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17658Re: old favorites and sagging canon

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  • William Cloud Hicklin
    Dec 23, 2006
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      > By comparision, I wonder: what would
      > Tolkien have read at King Edward's?

      Mostly the Greek and Latin authors- and mostly not in
      translation. Also Shakespeare. Perhaps Milton. Certainly
      nothing written after 1700. The old ideal of a "classical
      education" regarded the Novel as mass entertainment, a thing of
      little worth.
      > >>---jane Bigelow <jbigelow@> wrote:
      > >> Egad. I indulge in a bit of lamenting the ignorance of the
      > younger generation now and then myself, but that book list is
      > completely unreasonable. How many people are ready to read
      > understand* most of those titles before the age of eighteen?
      > I'm all for classical scholarship, but I do think we should
      > some contact with modern writers such as, say Tolkien. ;-) As
      > librarian I respect reading tremendously, but people may need
      to get
      > up and do something else now and then, too.
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