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17603Re: Drout, ed., _J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia_

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Dec 13 5:10 PM
      A P.S.: I should note that typos in articles are not always the fault
      of the author of the article. In reviewing my own articles I noticed
      a glaring error that was introduced in copy-editing: a mechanical
      replacement of "as" used as a conjunction of time ("as these were
      posited during..") with "because", yielding a completely altered and
      non-sensical sentence. I can hardly be the only one whose article was
      similarly mangled, though I was one of only a few afforded a chance
      to review galleys by the publisher (because of the technical nature
      of my articles, being on the languages). I also was able to see large
      parts of alphabetical sections containing my own articles, and did my
      best to proof them, but as mentioned previously, not all corrections
      I supplied made it into print. Again, not redounding to Routledge's
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