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17601Re: The Somme, Tolkien, and Black Riders.

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  • Merlin DeTardo
    Dec 13, 2006
      Thank you for that information. I'd not visited the Barrow-Downs
      forum before. That discussion can be found here:


      The correspondence from Fr. Waddington-Feather appears in message
      #31, posted July 5, 2006.

      I think one small correction should be made to Waddington-Feather's
      remarks posted there: he writes that Tolkien "was Professor of
      English at Leeds just before I went there", but Tolkien left in 1925,
      and Waddington-Feather, b. 1933, would have attended in the early
      1950s. His larger point about Tolkien's lasting influence on Leeds's
      English Dept. (at that time) apparently stands, if I correctly
      remember Tom Shippey's comments on that point.

      -Merlin DeTardo

      >>---"William Cloud Hicklin" <solicitr@...> wrote:
      >> The Rev. Mr. Waddington-Feather did reply to a poster on The
      Barrow-Downs forum. I'm pretty certain that he's not a crank or a
      liar, that he really is relating what he remembers of what Michael T.
      told him years ago. The problem is that he may have misheard or
      misremembered, that Michael may have misheard or misremembered, and
      moreover Michael apparently wasn't above spinning a yarn.
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