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1760Re: [mythsoc] Recent Fantasy

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  • David S. Bratman
    Jul 2, 2000
      I should add that I don't disagree with Bill's thesis that some of the
      midrange writers, like de Lint, wouldn't have gotten the kind of
      publication they did if it hadn't been for the boom. De Lint had a small
      press of his own before he became a major-list novelist, and that's
      probably where he would have stayed if, indeed, he had taken to writing
      large novels at all, had there been no fantasy boom.

      However, that tells us only about how they began. If the top bestselling
      authors were to disappear now, and especially if replacements weren't
      dredged up, I think de Lint's sales would go up to partially fill the gap.

      David Bratman
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