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1758Re: [mythsoc] Harry Potter

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  • Margaret Dean
    Jul 1, 2000
      Stolzi@... wrote:

      > Haven't seen the second. PRISONER OF AZKABAN, no. 3, does perhaps justify
      > the criticism that Rowling is getting too dark - with the "Dementors" and the
      > descriptions of butchery etc. If the witches are the good guys, what are
      > they doing employing Dementors, eh? and if they want to run a =good= school,
      > why is everyone nasty and rotten both a) accepted and b) placed in Slytherin?
      > To justify this, you'd have to give forth a philosophic riff about the
      > necessity of "balance" and of "accepting the Dark Side" - a philosophy I
      > don't accept and certainly wouldn't purvey to children.

      As far as the Slytherin students go, I can't help thinking of
      Edmund's comment in VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER: "If there's a
      wasp in the room, I like to be able to see it." In other words,
      if you =know= this unsavory element exists in the wizarding
      community (which is not all that different from the rest of
      humanity), perhaps it's better to have them under your eye, where
      you can keep track of them and perhaps exert some control over
      them. After all, the likely alternative would be the
      Slytherin-types slinking off and founding their =own= school.
      Think of that and tremble! :)

      --Margaret Dean
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