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  • David Emerson
    Dec 9, 2006
      >From: Dean Rowley <deand12000@...>
      >One of my friends once said that the only thing missing from the book was a trickster figure. It immediately occurred to me that a poetry-speaking, LSD-induced, hippy-living, Maia-of-slackers being who hung out with a River Daughter and pushed around angry trees probably fills the part. Specially because in his letters Tolkien said he had no idea where Bombadil came from and he never tried to explain him other than he added something to the story.

      Good point. Bombadil as Trickster. Yes, it fits perfectly.

      Another way of looking at Bombadil is as Tarot card zero: The Fool. In a story so rich with archetypes, it naturally follows that many of them would correspond (some more loosely than others) to cards in the Major Arcana. Gandalf = the Magician, Denethor = the Emperor, Galadriel = the High Priestess, Sauron = the Devil, Barad-dur = the Tower Struck Down, Aragorn/Boromir/Eomer/Faramir = Knights of Wands, Cups, Pentacles, Swords respectively, etc. etc. Bombadil is perfect as The Fool, not only from his personality, but also his place in the story, i.e. he *has* no place in the story, as The Fool has no real place in the numerical sequence. He represents an unrealized possibility.

      And his boots are yellow.

      (For the overly literal-minded among you, this disclaimer: That last sentence was a non-sequitur for humorous effect, and not part of my point.)


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